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Your neighbourhood, your customers.
We believe that no one understands your community's needs as best as yourself. This is why we would like to invite you to join our ever growing list of local pharmacy partners who dispense FreeRx® .​
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FreeRx® : Watch Tutorial
No Sign Up Required

Watch our quick guide on how to use CLYNXX to dispense FreeRx® tokens presented at your pharmacy.

Download S.O.P.

This S.O.P will help your pharmacy team use CLYNXX correctly to dispense private electronic prescriptions.

Start receiving prescriptions directly from us today

  • Do I need to sign up to dispense a FreeRx® token code brought in by a patient?
    No sign up is required. Just click the 'Dispense FreeRx® Token' button above, on this page.
  • Are FreeRx® token codes valid in Scotland, Wales and Nothern Ireland?"
    Yes. Advanced electronically signed private prescriptions are valid in all of The UK including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Unlike NHS electronic prescriptions which can only be issued and dispensed in the devolved jurisdiction.
  • How do I know if prescriptions are genuine?
    All electronic prescriptions contain an Advanced Electronic Signature which complies with the regulatory requirements (Regulation 219(5) Human Regulations 2012) You will be required to perform checks as you would do any other normal prescriptions prior to dispensing. All prescribers are registered in the UK, EU or EEA at the time of onboarding to CLYNXX.
  • Do I need to charge for FreeRx® prescriptions that I dispense?
    Yes. You will need to collect fees as you would with a paper private prescription or in accordance with your organisation's policy.
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