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Prescribers, reduce your carbon footprint with Electronic Private Prescriptions from Clynxx

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Electronic private prescriptions provide patients, clinics and pharmacies with more than just a smooth service. They are also good for the environment.

By using electronic private prescriptions, doctors can eliminate the need to print on paper, buying envelopes and stamps whilst improving on the patient’s experience. This is because electronic private prescriptions from Clynxx can be transmitted to the patient instantly upon signing.

Listed below are some benefits of using Clynxx to create electronic private prescriptions.

Zero waste

By eliminating paper in the form of prescriptions, envelopes and stamps, practices reduce the waste that they create.

Pharmacies that receive electronic private prescriptions created using Clynxx are able to dispense and securely store the electronic prescriptions in a regulatory compliant way with no need of printing them. This is what we mean by zero waste electronic private prescriptions.

Reduce Emissions

The transporting of prescriptions creates a significant carbon footprint for practices. Think of where the paper is sourced, normally shipped from overseas. The physical nature of paper prescriptions also means a lot of unnecessary commuting of patients and their caregivers. Some organisations post thousands of prescriptions nationwide on a weekly basis. Electronic private prescriptions can remove all these carbon emitting sources, which is good for our planet.

Patients Expectations

Consumer expectations demand organisations to be carbon neutral. In 2021, Deloitte found that 45% of Gen Z consumers (28% of consumers in general) stopped buying from brands because of sustainability concerns. That speaks for itself.

Resource Efficiencies

Wasting resources is also an environmental concern. Resources that are wasted include hours lost every year due to unnecessary admin work and money spent on resources that could be used elsewhere. Wasting resources is almost greed, where resources would otherwise be beneficial to someone or something else. A better world is one where those with more than enough for themselves, are happy to share that which they do not want, with those who might need it.

Clynxx electronic prescriptions currently cost £0.99 per transmission. Once all the costs of sending paper prescriptions are added up, they amount to an average of £2.20 per paper prescription sent unsecurely using a first class stamp. Prescribers can start creating environmentally friendly private prescriptions today by visiting

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